Classic 3D Flares

This super natural 3D lash style is handcrafted in high-quality single strand faux mink fibers. Each lash cluster has 3 lashes in cluster with a .07 diameter.   You receive 120 lashes in the tray.  You receive 4 rows each of of 9 mm, 12 mm and 14 mm. (short, medium & long lashes).   You receive 216 lashes. 

EDITORS NOTES: Very natural volume lashes. These are good for inner eye lashes or if you want a  natural look. For more volume try doubling the lashes before applying. (Using tweezers)

LASH:  Faux Mink

VOLUME: .07 Natural 


LASH LENGTH:  9 mm/ 12 mm/ 14 mm


What else you should know: Super-premium synthetic mink Individual lashes look even more luxurious and natural than ever, with a lighter, softer feel in 3D faux mink






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