MINK LASHES- Beautiful Fake Eyelashes





Mink lashes are authentic mink fur from minks. The hair is gently brushed or taken during shedding season. (the animals are not harmed). Then the hair sterilized. Mink lashes have become very popular globally and there's a reason; they are lightweight, comfortable to wear and beautiful.


Mink lashes are available in individual lashes and strip lashes. Strip lashes have recently gained popularity because they are easy to apply, they last up to 25 wears and no need for fills or appointments and cost less. Plus, you always have a perfect pair of eyelashes on.


At KITTY GOT LASHES, we only sell 100% authentic mink lashes. They are superior and have become in demand because they have this a natural fluffy, whispy and glamourous look. They have a natural color and shine that blends well. Our lashes are also all 3D, making them more beautiful and glamourous because they are dimensional and giving them the somewhat fluffy look. They are feather-light and comfortable. We use a unique technique using a thin cotton elastic band that makes our lashes very comfortable to wear.

At KITTY GOT LASHES we offer "Moderate Glamour 3d mink lashes" and "Glamourous 3d mink lashes" in many lengths and styles. Please visit www.kittygotlashes.com