Wispy Eyelashes

One of the most popular styles of false lashes is wispy eyelashes and for good reason, they are very pretty. Wispy eyelashes tend to fall in the middle between natural and bold lashes. They are usually natural to medium volume. The lashes taper at the ends and are layered. Wispy eyelashes have recently become very popular. Mainly because they are universal and they look good on everyone. There are  many different types of false eyelashes on the market, you can get any style, volume, length and fiber. Wispy eyelashes have their own distinct look.....Wispy!  Below are some examples of wispy eyelashes.

wispy eyelashes

If your in the market to buy some wispy eyelashes, then remember they have an overall look of light and airy with the lashes either being wispy at the ends or through the entire lash. Wispy eyelashes come in different lengths. There are different types of wispy eyelashes including full volume.  Full volume lashes, the ends are usually wispy, thick at the base then taper to layers of wispy thiner lashes at the end. 

Wispy eyelashes come in many different fibers including Mink, Faux Mink, Silk lashes and synthetic lashes.

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