Why wear false lashes?

False lashes have been around for many years and we talked to many people and asked them why they choose to wear false lashes, below are the most common reasons we came across:

1. The Main reason which is obvious is because they have no lashes. Their lashes are too short and thin.

2. They love how false lashes look on them and makes their eyes stand out. Some people said they can't go out without lashes.

3. They use to wear lash extensions and their real lashes fell out so now they choose false lashes.

4.( This is close to the last answer) They don't want to do the monthly maintenance that lash extensions require and its costly.

5. Another good reason was false lashes have so many different styles and you can create a look that you want with false lashes from day lashes to night lashes or natural to dramatic.

6. Some people said they don't want to  wear lashes all the time, just when they go out or for a special occasion, so false lashes work perfect for them. 

That about sums it up, these were the most common reasons we found why people wear false lashes. 

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