Why do false lashes irritate my eyes?

We are always asked the question "why do false lashes irritate my eyes"?  Well, it can be several factors but the most common reason is usually the lash glue. The glue is the first thing you should look into and test. Many people are sensitive to latex which is a common ingredient in eyelash glue. You may want to try a "latex-free" eyelash glue. But, I've seen some latex-free lash glue cause irritation to some people as well. Then, this would be another ingredient in the glue and you may want to test out several types of glue. But start with a latex-free glue with a patch test and see if that helps.

If it's not the glue then you can be sensitive to the type of lash. Many lashes are made from plastic fibers and you can be allergic to that or some people are sensitive to mink lashes. There are several factors that can irritate your eyes. You would need to test the different lashes. 

Tip: For false lashes, you don't want to sleep with them on. Make sure you wash the glue off completely every nite. The longevity of the false lashes and glue on your eyes can also cause irritation and redness.

For a latex-free glue please see Pro Lash Glue at www.minkklashes.com