What is Eyeliner Lash Glue?

What is eyeliner lash glue?

Eyeliner lash glue is the newest false lash glue on the beauty market and it makes applying false lashes so much easier.  It is used for false lash bands (not lash extensions).  It is applied directly your eyes (your lash line)  just like regular eyeliner and it comes in black and clear. If you opt for the black then you don't need to wear eyeliner, the black lash eyeliner glue works as an eyeliner and glue.

You apply a thin line on your lash line and then apply the false lashes to the glue line and press. That's it, it's very easy to use and makes applying false lashes so much easier and quicker with no mess. The eyeliner lash glue comes in a shape of a pen with a felt tip, similar to liquid eyeliner. It is a must try! 

Below is a link to Minkk's eyeliner lash glue pen. It comes in clear and black and it dries super fast with no wait time and minimal glue build up on the lash band.