Trimming False Lashes, Tips you should know

When it comes to False lashes, many people don't realize they can trim the lashes to fit their eyes, YES you can.  In some cases, depending on your eye size, the false lash does not need to be trimmed. BUT, in many cases the false lash needs to be trimmed, if not the result will be: 1.) the lash will be wider than your eye and hang over on the sides. 2.) The lash band will lay inside your inner eye near the edge..often resulting in the lash band lifting or being obvious where you can see the lash band. 

Both of the above results in looking "un-natural" like you're wearing false lashes. Let's be honest, we all want long, full and lush eyelashes that look natural. So try trimming your lashes to fit within your natural lashes. 


If needed, when trimming your false lashes, always trim from the outer edge of the lash and only trim a little at a time. The false lash band should lay within the outer edge (not beyond the outer edge) and shouldn't lay too close to your inner eye line. I personally like to trim my false lashes to where my own natural lashes end and I don't like the lash band to lay inside the inner eye area because not only does the lash band tend to "lift" but you can feel the band especially when you blink and can be uncomfortable. Also, when you stay out of the inner eye, the lash band will hide more easily within your own lashes. 

If you're new at False Lashes, we offer the "Everything you need" Lash set. Perfect for beginners. You receive a pair of mink lashes, Pro Lash glue, Rose gold lash trimmers and Rose gold lash tweezers...... TRIM, GLUE, APPLY!!!

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