The Best Mink Lashes

The "Best Mink Lashes" are mink lashes that are 3D or higher, pretty, soft, lightweight and made with a cotton elastic band for comfort. These qualities make the mink lashes long wearing and pretty to look at. You can tell the quality of a mink lash by looking at it and when you wear them. Also, when you feel the lashes they should be soft to touch and not hard or course.

Mink lashes are premium false lashes and very luxurious, there are many false lashes that are now made in different synthetic fibers that are good quality but mink lashes are still far more superior. 


The hair should be tightly sewn to the lash band, the lashes shouldn't be loose or they will fall out easily and unravel. The band should be soft and bendable so it fits properly on your lash line. (Yes, there are lash bands that are hard and do not bend easy, making them hard to apply and uncomfortable). In my opinion, the thinner the band the better. Try our Nola Mink lashes, it has the thinest band and super lightweight you can't feel them when they are on. :-)  For Makeup Artist the thin band makes it very easy and fast to apply lashes without struggling with the band.

Having said that, lashes come in many styles and depending on what your "lash style" is, that will make the deciding factor on the best mink lash for you. 

Below are our top 4 best selling mink lashes that have made the "best mink lashes" list.  These are the lash choices from hundreds of people who bought these lashes and continue to make the "best mink lashes" list.


The best mink lashes- Kobe Mink Lashes

Koby Mink Lashes

The best mink lashes- Nova mink lashes

Nova Mink Lashes


the best mink lashes- bison mink lashes 

Bisou Mink Lashes


the best mink lashes

Remy Mink Lashes