The Best Concealer Hack You Should Know

Are you tired of spending so much time applying and blending your concealer just for it to disappear when you apply foundation? Well, this little clever concealer hack makes a difference,  it's super easy and it can last up to a couple of days. The downfall;  it's not instant, you have to wait a few hours for results. 

The magic word is self tanning lotion. Yes, use a self face tanner instead of concealer. If you want to thin or define your nose, define your cheek bones or take the point of your chin, you can use a self tanning face lotion. This hack is for defining and not highlighting. 

Use the tanning lotion sparingly and a little at a time, use it as if you were to use your concealor. You can use a brush or your finger and just apply a thin coat to the area you want to define. After the tanning lotion sets and "appears darker" (which will take a few hours, so using it before bedtime is good, then when you wake up you're ready to apply makeup).  The self tanning face lotion with leave darker marks for definition. Using it on the sides of your nose to thin out your nose is the best!! (Then use a highlighter in the middle of your nose.)

Don't use too much or your lines will be too dark, so be cautious or you will have to exfoliate for the next 2 days.