OMG! One of the best skincare systems

Sonia Kashuk, Laura Mercier, and Francois Nars, trusted their own skin to a woman named Simone France. For over 50 years, Simone gave facials to models & VIP's in her small studio in NYC. She worked alone and it was hard to get an appointment.  Simone France has since passed away, but people that knew her say her skin was beautiful and youthful. 

Well I'm happy to say I came across "Simone France" over 10 years ago and I have been using her "Sandwich" system (cute name) ever since and it works amazing. I can't live without doing the sandwich everyday, it makes a huge difference,  its like getting a facial every morning.  Simone France skincare is not a new kid on the block, it's been around for awhile but the brand is sort-of under the radar which makes it a little more special. :-)

"The Sandwich" system is not your traditional way of cleansing but it works. You basically are exfoliating your skin every morning and deep cleansing with bar soap,  It works!  Your skin will become smoother and healthier looking. This is a skincare brand is worth trying. 

This brand carries a full line of products for different types of skin and it is based on French skincare.

Check out Simone France skincare and the sandwich at SIMONE FRANCE

Simone france the sandwich