How to pick the right pair of False Lashes

How to pick the right pair of false lashes can be confusing especially with so many lash styles on the market. Well,.. be confused no more,  I'm going to break it down for you and give you the simplest way to picking out the right pair of lashes. I will also break it down on choosing the right lash for different eye shapes. However,  you will probably need to try on different styles of lashes to really see the difference and which ones you prefer.

Always remember: "Many lashes look alike, but the slightest difference in the lash design makes a big difference."

The simplest way of picking out false lashes is easy:

First, go by what attracts you and catches your eye. First and foremost. You have to like the way the lash looks in order for you to wear them. After you see several styles you will have a lash style that you are more attracted to. Also, you will have a preference you may be want a natural looking lash, or a full on glamorous lash that stands out. 

Second, Keep the volume and length in mind. The heavier the volume the darker and thicker the lash is. If you don't want a bold thick lash then don't choose a full volume lash. Stick to the natural and medium volumes. You can tell the volume by the color and thickness. Darker the lash is more lashes which translates to more volume. Lighter and airy lashes is less lashes which is a lighter volume. It is a personal preference. It is split down the middle, we have customers that love full on glamour lashes and we have clients that want a lash to look very natural like it's their own lashes. Then we have customers that like both, One for the day and full volume for the evening. So keep in mind, this is just your lash style and preference

For most people, the volume plays the main deciding factor. After you know the volume, then it's pretty easy.

how to pick the right false lashes

So now that we covered that lash styles are a personal preference. Below are suggested lashes for different shaped eyes. Lastly, picking out the right pair of lashes is about proportion. If you have very small eyes and delicate features, then a full on glamour lash may be too over-powering for you. But if you like the style, then find the same lash style in a lighter volume.

How to pick he right pair of lashes for different Eye Shapes:

ALMOND EYES:  Almond eyes are best paired with medium to full lashes that help increase depth and intensity. Almond eyes can wear almost all lashes.

ROUND EYES: Round eyes pairs well with lashes that help you maximize the width of your eyes. Lashes that have a winged out effect and full volume lashes. 

SMALL EYES: natural to medium volume is good for small eyes, and lashes that are longer in the middle, this will accent your eyes and make them look bigger.

UPTURNED EYES: Upturned eyes pairs perfectly with winged out effect lashes that emphasizes the beautiful natural lift.

DOWNTURNED EYES: Best paired with "winged" out lash styles, which provides a lifting effect to the outer corners of your eyes. 

DEEP SET EYES: Deep set eyes pair well with full volume and longer lashes that help bring your eyes forward and create depth.

PROMINENT EYES: Prominent eyes can benefit from both,  medium volume lashes and full volume lashes. Medium volume can help recede and reduce the definition of your eyes and prominent eyes can also handle full volume lashes easily without the lash overpowering the eye.

HOODED EYES: Hooded eyes are naturally sultry, and they pair well with medium volume lashes

MONOLID EYES:  Monolid eyes are best paired with lashes that medium volume to help create more depth.

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