How to make your false lashes last longer

How to make your false lashes last longer is very important in the "false eyelash world". There are several factors that can cause the lashes to get damaged and only get a few wears in. Below are the best tips we can offer to keep your lashes looking fresh and get more wears.

1. The false lash glue matters

The glue you use to apply your false lashes if very important. Yes, we all want our lashes to stick all day, BUT when working with lash glue you want a glue that isn't "too thick". You may feel this is a good thing because it's easier to apply and the glue sticks better. Not true, you want a glue that is somewhat thinner and not goopy. This will leave minimal residue on your lash band. After several wears the band will have glue build up which becomes noticeable. At this time you have to clean your lash band, which always puts the risk of tearing the band, so you want a glue that has minimal residue.

The thinner the glue will leave less residue and cleaning the band will be less risky. The good news is; there are plenty of lash glues that are thinner formulas and have a good stick! Check out Pro Lash Glue.

2. Use a brush applicator with your glue

False eyelash glue comes in many varieties, look for a lash glue that is a brush application and not a tube where you squeeze out the glue. A brush applicator is measured and will apply the glue evenly and easier. The tube glue tends to come out way too much and not only gets on the band but gets on the lashes as well which you don't want.

3. Don't sleep with your lashes on

This puts your lashes at risk and they can easily bend, once this happens the lashes don't look the same. So remove your lashes before going to bed.

4. Store your lashes properly

Yes this matters! Lashes can easily get damaged and they attract lint. By keeping them in proper storage or on the tray they came in, the lash band will keep its form and the lashes will stay put. This will help keep your lashes looking fresh.

5. Don't get your lashes wet

Simply put, once you wet your lashes they are ruined, especially for mink lashes. They loose their form, curl and the lashes clump together.

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