4 Minkk Team Members, One False Lash

Despite the fact that a bold eyelash is of the most popular and if you add a winged out effect, it becomes a classic and the most trending false lash looks.  False lashes have surprisingly been popular since before "Old Hollywood Glamour" existed. False Lashes and Red lipsticks are the two most popular in makeup and let's be real.. you can go out with just the two on and still look fabulous and glamorous. 

When it comes to Falsies, you're either a bold false lash person, a natural false lash person, or you're really not a false lash person. At Minkk lashes, we have lashes for everyone in every style and volume. But to our surprise, four of our team members all wear the same mink lash out of the many lashes we have, and it's a natural volume lash... (Probably because its super lightweight and comfortable for work)

The one most popular false lash that 4 of our team members wears is "Nola" mink lashes, a natural volume and natural looking lash. They all swear by this lash. It's a universal lash and looks great on everyone. So if you want a natural looking lash, check out Nola mink lashes, and if you feel Nola may be too short, no problem. Try Nola-Long mink lashes. (a personal favorite :-)

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Nola 3D Mink Lashes