Silk or Mink Lashes?



Silk eyelashes are synthetic fibers and are not made from silk, although the name implies it. They are made from synthetic silk and are shaped into perfect curled lashes. They tend to be thicker at the root and thinner at the top. They look natural and full and are very shiny. Silk eyelashes have been around for awhile and have always been very popular, they last approximately 5-7 wears for strip lashes.

Since the arrival of the ever so popular Mink lashes, it has gained a cult-like following. Mink fur lashes are real authentic mink fur attained when the minks are in shedding season or they are gently brushed. Mink eyelashes are very similar to our own lashes, they can be curled and have a natural shine and color. Mink lashes are also very soft and light making them very comfortable to wear.

Mink lashes have been around but they were very expensive and usually only seen on celebrities, while silk eyelashes have always been affordable and until recently, mink eyelashes have become more affordable and they last up to 25 wears.  The choice between the two is personal but mink lashes are far superior in quality and the natural beautiful look they possess.

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